PIMP is the series of management elements that form, structure, file and regulate the operation, maintenance, environmental protection and industrial safety of transport and storage pipelines of hydrocarbons, water and other materials. PIMP promptly detects and accurately applies the operation, maintenance and reparation actions and uses risk analysis to rank the efficient and safe application of human, material and economic resources in order to maintain the transportation process by pipeline; and it also files the regulation compliance of the hydrocarbon transportation operations by pipeline.


PIMP basic elements: •

  • Corporate philosophy.
  • Pipeline segmentation.
  • High consequence zones identification.
  • Database compilation and integration.
  • Reference assessment and integrity assessment methods.
  • Risk factors and threats.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Cost-benefit definition.
  • Inspection, field assessment and board engineering.
  • Training and certification of operators.
  • Mitigation, control, prevention and correction actions.
  • Continuous assessment and subsequent assessment intervals

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