Corrosion affects steel reinforcing (rod) inside concrete structures, which causes the loss of structure/steel adherence caused by possible failures. Reinforced concrete structures such as docks, bridges and all types of steel reinforced constructions are at risk of failure caused by corrosion; and we are ready to offer diagnosis and solution to each problem in this area.

Assessment of corrosion affectation:

  • Definition of the degree of affectation by corrosion in stee,l by physical and electromagnetic tests, supported by international regulations.
  • Sampling by extraction of concrete cores, assessment of chlorides and carbonatation. • Evolution of potentials in order to determine corrosion cells. •
  • Lamination assessment by acoustic means. •
  • Determination of the speed of corrosion by measuring the ressitance of polarization with planar galvanic pulse equipment.

Designing and implementation of strategies for upgrade and protection against corrosion: 

  • Designing of galvanic and impressed current CP systems. •
  • Implementation of techniques proper for the repair. •
  • Upgrading complete strategies.

Corrosion monitoring:

  • Implementation of remote monitoring systems for protection values supervision and/or corrosion.