Our joint venture partner ( Corrosion Y Protecion) together with our local expertise offers the following services which includes engineering, designing, procurement, surveys, installation and commissioning. Our Highest  level of Certification is NACE CP Level 4.

Our Cathodic Protection services include:

  • General diagnosis of CP systems.
  •  External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA).
  • Solutions for potential insufficiency.
  • Effect of coating problems on CP systems analysis.
  • Performance surveys of anodic bedding and rectifiers.
  • Studies of soil resistivity. •
    Location and diagnose of anodic beds, rectifiers and sacrificial anodes. • Solution to attenuation problems. • Current requirement testing.
  • Detection and mitigation of CP interferences.
  • Installation and surveys of CP systems in urban areas.
  • CP interference due to high tension AC current.
  • Electrical isolation and short circuit problem solution.
  • Close Interval Potential Survey (CIS).
  • Systems and safety manuals for the operation of CP systems.
  • Organization of field surveys records, repairs and modifications